Good hand-made bread which ham and cream cheese were included in

It made good hand-made bread which ham and cream cheese were included in. (^_-)-☆


The recipe

extra-strength flour               500 g
dry yeast                                          10 g
Salt                                                         8 g
sugar                                                  50 g

dissolution egg                             50g
lukewarm water ( 30 °C )    260cc 
unsalted butter                           50 g
A little of a little of the yolk ( for the burnishing )                             extra-strength flour ( for the flour ) which was dissolved

The cooking method

It puts A in the bowl and it mixes it well with the move.
It adds and it kneads lukewarm water, a few dissolution eggs to lump together cloth.
It moves cloth to the stand which did a flour when unified and it kneads it well with the move.
It adds a butter if becoming hardness as much as the ear lobe and moreover, until the cloth becomes smooth, it kneads it for about 15 minutes.

It rounds cloth, lumping together it and it is possible to put shortening ( the butter is good ) out of the quantity by painting it thin to another bowl.
It covers a dishcloth to the bowl, it sets an oven to the fermentation and for 30 – 40 minutes, it ferments first.
( When there is not a fermentation feature, it puts cloth in the biggish plastic bag to have made double with bowl  and it places it in the warm room beforehand for 40 – 60 minutes. )
First fermentation ending if the cloth becomes by about twice.

It classifies a birthplace into 20 pieces of division.
It rests a dishcloth for 10 minutes, rounding like putting ham, cheese, pepper in the taste and gathering cloth around the center from outside, picking a center tightly, closing it and covering it.
It arranges, leaving a space to the top board and it covers a dishcloth.
It sets an oven to the fermentation and it ferments it 30 – 40 minutes, being secondary.
( When a fermentation feature isn’t stuck, it places cloth in the warm room beforehand, putting it in the biggish plastic bag to have made double with top board . )

If the cloth becomes about twice of size, it ends secondary fermentation.
It paints a dissolved yolk on the cloth with the brush and it burns it for about 12 minutes with the oven which was warmed up to 180 °C.

It may had better do with the machine because kneading is a little terrible.
It may make quantity a half, may not it?
It is good if toasting even if it cools.   ( ^)o(^ )





It made a simple oreo cheesecake. (^^♪


The recipe

Oreo       two pack
Cream cheese    200 g
Fresh cream       200 cc
Egg         Three
Sugar         100 g
Butter                                40 g

The cooking method

1. It hangs an egg, a fresh cream, cream cheese and a sugar on the mixer.
2. It lays the moiety of the butter on the configuration, breaking an oreo and mixing it.
3.It pours 1 into the configuration quietly and it bakes 1 for 40 minutes with the 170 °C oven. 
4. It is a completion, decorating an oreo and a chocolate cream, placing in the Bower-Barff bowl if baking.

There, it is easy.
Everyone, too, try by all means, doesn’t it?   ヽ(^o^)丿







Ingredients (for two people)

For two cups of rice
Two pieces of pork cutlets
Onion 1/3 unit
Honewort (the mizuna greens are all right) appropriate amount
[A] Soup stock 200cc
Sweet sake tablespoon 4
Soy sauce tablespoon 2.5
Egg Two

Dish method

  1. Enter the frying pan and boil [A] soup stock, sweet sake,  soy sauce and an onion and the pork cutlet which I sliced.
  2. If an onion becomes soft, I weaken fire and put a beaten egg.
  3. If an egg becomes soft-boiled, I stop fire and pick you up on the rice and pick up honewort (mizuna greens) on the finish.

DSC_3257 DSC_3259

It is delicious simply.
Please try everybody. (^)o(^)




Ingredients (five person):

500 g of pork ground meat
Chinese chives Two bundles(even as for the cabbage, possible.The cabbage builds salt, and squeeze moisture.)
The garlic which I grated 2 cloves

Soy sauce(kikkoman) 1 tsp
Japanese wine 1 tsp
salt 1smallspoon
Pepper 0.5smallspoon
Sesame oil 1 tsp
Roasting sesame (white) 1 tsp
Gyoza skin 40 pieces
Sesame oil Appropriate amount
Dish method:
I knead  ground pork meat until tenacity is given. Enter and knead the seasoning mentioned above better.
gyoza tane
I put Chinese chives and knead it better.
Then, I lay you with a refrigerator for 30 minutes.
gyoza tane nira DSC_2918
I put water on the leather edge and give a cause.
gyoza kawa
I pull oil to a frying pan and bake it until I display gyozas and become brown.
Then, I pay an appropriate amount for water and pour steaming, sesame oil into pan skin a little until I close the cap, and water disappears.
 soy sauce(kikkoman) 2tsp
 vinegar 3tsp
 sesami oil 1tsp
 Spicy oil(rayu) Preference
DSC_2929 DSC_2927
The completion (*^▽^*)
A lot of children ate, too.
Please try it. ( ^)o(^ )

Home Made Shoyu Ramen

My original Chashu/Roasted pork fillet  ( ^)o(^ )


800 g of pig shoulder blocks
Leek One of them
Carrot One of them
Garlic For 4 cloves
One big Onion
Kombu Two pieces
Soy sauce (kikkoman)  400cc
Japanese wine (sake) 200cc
Sweet sake (mirin)  200cc
Soup stock pack One piece
Dish method:
It is large and cuts a leek, a carrot, garlic, an onion and I put it in a pressure cooker with water and pork and boil it for two hours.
I take out meat if I stew it for two hours and, in a different pan, stew it with sauce (kombu, soy sauce, sweet sake, Japanese wine) for 30 minutes (while turning meat).
I take the rough heat if I stew it for 30 minutes and I pay zip Locke and lay you with a refrigerator overnight.
How to make ramen soup (one person):
Sauce tablespoon 1
Soup 100cc that stewed meat
Hot water 100cc
Bare teaspoon 1 of the Chinese soup
I make the soup mentioned above for a ramen bowl.
I should boil 100 g of raw noodles and drain off hot water, and be contained in soup, and a topping does favorite ingredients (boiled egg, roasted pork fillet, leek, seaweed, laver, Menma).
DSC_2837 DSC_2834DSC_2839
Well, let’s make it happily deliciously. ( ^)o(^ )