Ingredients (for two people)

For two cups of rice
Two pieces of pork cutlets
Onion 1/3 unit
Honewort (the mizuna greens are all right) appropriate amount
[A] Soup stock 200cc
Sweet sake tablespoon 4
Soy sauce tablespoon 2.5
Egg Two

Dish method

  1. Enter the frying pan and boil [A] soup stock, sweet sake,  soy sauce and an onion and the pork cutlet which I sliced.
  2. If an onion becomes soft, I weaken fire and put a beaten egg.
  3. If an egg becomes soft-boiled, I stop fire and pick you up on the rice and pick up honewort (mizuna greens) on the finish.

DSC_3257 DSC_3259

It is delicious simply.
Please try everybody. (^)o(^)




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