Home Made Shoyu Ramen

My original Chashu/Roasted pork fillet  ( ^)o(^ )


800 g of pig shoulder blocks
Leek One of them
Carrot One of them
Garlic For 4 cloves
One big Onion
Kombu Two pieces
Soy sauce (kikkoman)  400cc
Japanese wine (sake) 200cc
Sweet sake (mirin)  200cc
Soup stock pack One piece
Dish method:
It is large and cuts a leek, a carrot, garlic, an onion and I put it in a pressure cooker with water and pork and boil it for two hours.
I take out meat if I stew it for two hours and, in a different pan, stew it with sauce (kombu, soy sauce, sweet sake, Japanese wine) for 30 minutes (while turning meat).
I take the rough heat if I stew it for 30 minutes and I pay zip Locke and lay you with a refrigerator overnight.
How to make ramen soup (one person):
Sauce tablespoon 1
Soup 100cc that stewed meat
Hot water 100cc
Bare teaspoon 1 of the Chinese soup
I make the soup mentioned above for a ramen bowl.
I should boil 100 g of raw noodles and drain off hot water, and be contained in soup, and a topping does favorite ingredients (boiled egg, roasted pork fillet, leek, seaweed, laver, Menma).
DSC_2837 DSC_2834DSC_2839
Well, let’s make it happily deliciously. ( ^)o(^ )


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